25 thoughts on “South Africa’s World Cup 2010 Best Moments , Copa Del Mundo 2010 Mejores Momentos

  1. When iam down iwatch this videos, because they give me more power and confidence!

  2. gyan did not deserve to miss that penalty against uruguay………. but suarez karma is going to get you

  3. What Suarez did in World Cup 2010 against Ghana, was it disgusting? If you where in a World Cup in Quarter Finals a few minutes left before the 90 minutes where up, and there where about to score on you wouldn’t you do the same stop the ball with your hands? I know i would.

    And it wasn’t really disgusting because Ghana got a PK. They missed now thats disgusting!

  4. Every school in South and Central America teaches English..my cousin has lived in Venezuela all her life and she speaks English fluent and shes 14.

  5. Qué gran video! Mis felicitaciones.

    Definitivamente el fútbol es el deporte más hermoso del mundo.

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