24 thoughts on “Adidas JABULANI BAll production- official ball FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa

  1. you said *Man plays with ball* , thats not true… :/ my girlfriend plays with´╗┐ the two of mine.. ­čśÇ

  2. adidas balls suck, there too light and fly all over the place. the world cup and euro should use nike balls like they do in all the domestic leagues.´╗┐ nike makes way better balls i think.

  3. made in china and the´╗┐ workers are females!!!!!! men always need women.:)

  4. if i´╗┐ work there i will probably spend the time stealing´╗┐ the balls that i make

  5. All that to make a ball. Makes me feel really´╗┐ bad because I have a jubalani (??? Idk how to spell it) an my dog destroyed it.

  6. like if you wanna break into their company and´╗┐ take as many jabulani balls u can hold

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