25 thoughts on “South Africa – 2010 FIFA World Cup: 32 Teams, 1 Dream

  1. @whothebitchnowsucka Thats exactly what they said of us, there were people wanting to know if they should carry hunting gear with them out of the airport cause they thought a lion or something might attack them, they wanted to know if there were cellphone coverage, one even wanted to know if the water is drinkable and ended up saying it tastes better than in america, i mean, give them a chance, we proved the world wrong, maybe they will to !

  2. HOT CHICKS!? Soccer is part of Russian heritage. Russia had he best goalkeeper who has ever lived show some fucking respect! Dchebag!

  3. FUCK QATAR, honestly, we can literally go from one stadium to the next walking…. South Africa was great….. I cant fucking believe they pick QATAR over any 1st or 2nd world country, they had US, Spain-Portugal, and Holland they seriously picked QATAR, its like picking the skinny ugly one from a a group of hot chicks, at least its Russian in 2018… god I love russian chicks… but from QATAR… do they even have women there SHITT

  4. For spanish ppl like me now, South Africa feels like our second home, nice country, nice ppl and the completion of a full life dream. Thx to you brothers!!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. South Africa joining the world cup is justified by being grouped with Mexico and Uruguay that are a heck of a challenge. And it wasn’t like they got destroyed-they barely got eliminated due to goal difference since Mexico lost to Uruguay 1-0 but SA 3-0

  6. now that S.A. hosted a cup i think your going to be hearing there name more which means there probably going to start getting better

  7. Qatar won’t make it to the round of 16 when they host it. at least people liked South Africa!!

  8. @poptagcajb whats your problem bro? get outta here if u dont like the teams. and japans pretty good. dont hate. appreciate.

  9. sigh all this is good, but truth hurts and truth is that south africa has no talent in soccer. i mean JAPAN made it to the round of 16 and they suk

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  16. Despite not moving on to Round of 16, South Africa did amazing during the world cup. They showed the world how much pride one country can have. They beat 2006 Runner-Up France. Maybe they’ll make it out of group stage in 2014. Thank you South Africa.

  17. It’s fantastic world cup in South Africa.It’s crazy vuvuzelas and very happy people.The worst thing in world cup is ball jabulani.It’s fucking ball from market Greetings from Poland.Thank You for wonderful world cup.

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