25 thoughts on “South Africa 2010: World Cup Group G

  1. 2:49-2:53 cristiano ronaldo looks at a player beside him, sees that players boner, and thinks “mine isnt that big”

  2. @delta9999 A group of death is defined by having teams that are very strong with only a 2 spots for them to get through.

  3. @delta9999 because brazil have won the world cup 5 times? and north korea in 1966 beat italy which is still seen to this day as the biggest shock in world cup history

  4. how the hell can you call a group “group of death” if North Korea and Brazil are in it??

  5. @qwerty0900 No buddy, i am not offended by your comments, they are not offensive. We are just sharing opinions and a few facts.

  6. @qwerty0900 FC Porto won the Champions League in 2004 and Uefa Cup in 2003. Benfica and Porto are part of the 14 more Powerful Clubs in Europe. Don’t think that all English and Spanish Clubs are like Big Ones, they are not, there’s like 4 in England, 4 in Spain, 3 in Italy and 1 in Germany…plus 2 in Portugal. Holland, France, Belgium and other Countries don’t have 2 big ones like Benfica and Porto.

  7. @BigAl4250 please don’t be offended by what i am saying; i mean nothing personal by it. i have many portugese feiends, and i often have this similar debate with them. once again, i respect portugese people and their country, which, by the way, is quite beautiful, and i mean nothing personal by my comments.

  8. @BigAl4250 2 of the biggest euro clubs, when in the 50s? these clubs are no longer potent teams, and have not been for at least 20 – 50 years. and portugese cups, such as the super cup, are not prestigious titles.

  9. @qwerty0900 SL Benfica and FC Porto are two of the Biggest Euro Clubs, had won 2 Champions League both, plus an Uefa Cup and World Champions twice. Actually Benfica played the Final 9 times, and it’s Guinness Book of Records has the biggest associate Club in the World, with Millions of fans Worldwide, and all Top line players. Yes they are hugely respected and feared in Europe, besides the Best Coach ever is from here too, it’s called Mourinho, “Special One”, check his Trophies in record time.

  10. @qwerty0900 Well, i know Portugal is not being as Strong like it should. And had to play defensive with Spain off course, just because Spain has a better team and chemistry, finally, since they couldn’t beat Portugal for almost 30 years, but it’s a Sport, players retire, new ones come in. Portugal was Under 21 World Champion twice, has a very good formation system and doesn’t need to Win a World Cup to be good, look at Holland for example.

  11. @BigAl4250 key word: “Almost”, but not even.spain owned in that game. portugal was playing a 1-10 with cry baby ronaldo in no mans land. they played defensive that game bc they knew they would be exposed if they did not. and just bc they lost to the champs means nothing. they still have zero appearances in the finals, and you call that a top team?and sporting and benfica are not top teams in europe.

  12. @qwerty0900 Portugal has a renewed Team almost, but only got knocked out by Spain 1-0, and Spain IS the World and European Champion. And yes, Portugal is always at the TOP teams, got players in the Best Clubs in Europe.

  13. Well…not a good group in the end huh? Both Portugal and Brazil were not good this year 🙁

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    agora que Portugal já saiu de prova, gostava de ver o Brasil ser campeão do mundo, afinal é o país irmão!!!

  16. Wow, the level of play is really getting better now we’re setting up for the quarter finals!!!…still some bad teams to be eliminated ie,. Portugal, Spain, thankfully one will go out in the round of 16, then it should get better. Probably will be 4 South American teams left in the semis!!

  17. @NomendeiNL germany 4 – 1 england. the germans were the better team, they deserved it.

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