25 thoughts on “GameSpot Reviews – 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Video Review

  1. guys….80% call it football 20% soccer…it’s not a big deal…only that football sounds better then soccer…xD

  2. @haywoodbadman10 Did it it say club world cup, mmm let me think, oh now i know, the answer is, NO!

  3. @HereWeGoCleveland BTW it was Scotland that called it soccer first not England that is known fact

  4. @The2500player GTFO of here you jackass. The English were actuallty the first to coin the name ”Soccer”. Its both Football and Soccer. Get over it

  5. @The2500player The term football came from using a ball while on foot, as apposed to playing on horseback. The term soccer was made by the British as a shorter name for Association (as in Association Football).


  6. @The2500player
    why dont u shut the fuck up
    it doesnt matter what u call it its all the same
    we just grew up in a different place

  7. @soontobe1982 i know you do. i am just so very sorry for our geographical location.

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