25 thoughts on “Remember South Africa 2010

  1. man i am confused are u human this is the greatest video i have senn tilll now of the 2010 world cup and hats off to you for that

  2. The song is called, A Thousand Revelations – Jorge Quintero
    Thanks to everyone 🙂

  3. Amazing video!, it brings back so many memories of these futbol games. That World Cup will be one that goes down in the record book and no one will ever forget.

  4. uruguay present! we did good in this world cup, and we just won the “copa america” this year.

  5. Fuck holland every time i fucking see spain holding the cup it pisses me the fuck off because Uruguay should of won this. Idgaf if you read my comment and dont even think twice about it but i know we could of beat spain like we beat Argentina in their own tournament this year. Uruguay to me is the best not Spain. FIFA is all about money, Futbol has not been the same since. How do you win a world cup and then lose 4-0 to Portugal? Huh? Explain Spain “best in the world” Kiss my ass

  6. Best goal by Van Bronckhorst
    Most important goal by Iniesta
    Best save by Luis Suarez , i hate him for that !

  7. Oh, I still remember Uruguay VS Holland and that VS Germany. It was soo exciting and made me sad in the end…

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