Croatia will take on Norway tomorrow

Croatia will take on Norway tomorrow in what’s believed to be a top-of-the-table clash.

Croatia is sitting at the first position in Group H Euro qualifying right now, but, if they lose to Norway, they might even go down to no. 3.

Norway, on the other hand, will be leading the table if they end on the better side in Zagreb.

However, on the basis of what history suggests, Norway’s win is unlikely.

Out of the last 28 Euro qualifiers that Croatia has played on the home turf, they have not lost any and not only have they been unbeaten, if you see the no. of goals that have been scored against them, it’s not that many.

It would definitely not come as a shock for anyone if the hosts end up stretching that unbeaten run to 29.

Also, Norway has not been as good a team away from home as they have been at it and that does not encourage people enough either to put money on them.

Although if you take only these qualifiers into account, you would not agree to that as in this qualifying tournament, the Norwegians already have a couple of away victories under their belt.

But, if you see their overall record when they visit other places, you would use the word ‘ordinary’.

However, in Football as we often see, its form which matters rather than what happened in the past and Norway’s form leading to this fixture has been good.

So, it all makes for a cracker. Croatia is the team that is expected to bag it, but, Norway will also have their chances and an upset is not totally out of the question.

Croatia is above Norway in the official rankings of FIFA.