24 thoughts on “USA vs Ghana World Cup Match (Simulated with Fifa 2010 South Africa)

  1. @sniffman1 Eggs are not pointed at the ends, lol. I see what you mean by it’s not a ball because of it shape but it really is.

  2. @misterjakemczilla American “football” is more like “handegg. It’s not even a fucking ball

  3. @poolmaster18 Football in another country. Soccer in America. American football is also played with your foot. Not the whole time, but the foot is in the game..

  4. Only gays like soccer. -_- P.S. football is played with a pigskin. This is soccer.

  5. Is it me or does Gus’s thing sound like the texas chainsaw massacre sound.

  6. i like how you said your a huge football fan in the beginning and yet you dont know how to pronounce any of the ghana players names…wtf is guyan???

  7. Ghana is so great!!! But…you know, USA is pretty damn good too. 🙂

  8. that is actually how it happened. they really did score the first 5 minutes. lol. sux. U S A RULES!!

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