25 thoughts on “Xavi Hernandez – Season 2010-2011 – FC Barcelona

  1. what a GOOD video, love all the compilations, no boring bits and it perfectly highlights xavi’s skills not only in short passes in midfield but in largely contributing to attack in front. not many people take the time to look at all xavi’s contributions to the team and the credit he deserves

  2. Elee é simplesmente de mais , naum é atoa qe esta entre os 3 melhores do mundo !!! Messi, iniesta e xavi , ninguém para !!!!

  3. Without Xavi and Iniesta , Messi is STILL the best in the earth
    With Xavi and Iniesta , Messi is the best in football history

  4. how caN u even comepare this legend to shitty overrated english players like gerrard and lampard?? its tottally stupid.. xavi is the ebst passer ever seen

  5. great video about a LEGEND!!!!! Please can someone tell me the name of the song!!

  6. @erfan71894 None of the players pressed against Laudrop, Xavi is the master of Tiki taka..one touch football.

    Xavi/Iniesta/Paul Scholes by far the best. Oh boring playmaker? Then why are you here watching Xavi vdeo? Get a life.


  8. @migueltxo69 The Da Vinci Code at the end, when he realizes the Holy Grail is beneath the Louvre

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