25 thoughts on “World Cup South Africa 2010 Official Song WITH LYRICS ON SCREEN

  1. I need help. I need your wishes for my dreams to come true. I need planet Earth to believe in me. I wish to cure Cancer and HIV. I wish to also become a physicist and finish where Einstein left off. So I ask. Give me freedom. Give me Fire, give me reason, take me higher. They’ll call Us freedom, just like a waving flag. So here I promise When I get older, I will be stronger. For the purity and divinity of mankind, let the world rise…just like a waving flag…

  2. The best World Cup music!..
    Too bad Brazil lost..(Bad thing).
    But the Coach Dunga has been fired (good thing).

  3. This song is far better than Shakira’s song. And K’naan’s voice is far better than her nasal whine that she calls “singing.”

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