25 thoughts on “World Cup South Africa 2010 Commercial

  1. where is the song that ESPN shows before every game…it starts out with a
    little kid singing, then it’s a bunch of animations of players…somebody
    please show me where this is?

  2. @mike743 Thanks mike but it is not waving flag. It one of those intro 30
    sec. songs with boy and than young woman saying something like “ојојојо”
    аnd than it goes that “Wayooo” singing. Can’t find it anywhere 🙁 but
    thanks for help

  3. Wont be watching most of the games due to the ridiculosly irritating noise
    those stupid horns make…. Get a headache 5 mins into the game. FIFA
    should have banned them before the tournament. Worst World Cup EVER!!!

  4. @seboxman for sure i checked my facebook and all the status were “Thank you
    Green 🙂 ” lol.

  5. @canascot02 lol glad you liked it, yep im english, and tbh we did shit this
    year just lost against Germany :@ the other day and are now were kicked out
    of the world cup.

  6. @canascot02 yh true when hes playing for manu hesplaying with the best in
    the world like park, barbatov, vidic. without his amzing team mates in manu
    that set him up 4 all the goals he scores he has no chance. this year i
    blame capello abit, and the team more , 2010 england squad is shit!

  7. @eidius1989 oh idk. i Try not to hate other people. especially if i don’t
    know them. i’m the wrong person to ask

  8. @TheRockybalburke I didn’t say all countries of the world. I only said all
    countries so I could be reffering to all countries of a union, region,
    continent etc. FAIL! Also the commonwealth games only include countries of
    the commonwealth such as the U.K., Canada, Australia, India etc.

  9. @IvyB64 Do you know what is that song that plays after every Fifa World Cup
    2010 game? It’s not waka waka, not waving flag it’s a way shorter. It
    always play when the broadcast team says “thanks for joining us and we will
    see u next time”. Then it shows the guy running with the soccer ball and u
    hear the drums and an african singing “WAAAYYY OOO”. More drums and Wayyy
    ooooo again. Please if you know could you help me find it because I like it
    a lot, such nice song. Thanks

  10. what is the name of this song? or was this an original song made for FIFA

  11. @jtangalang Bullsh1t. and the US makes up more than 0.1% of the world..
    Have you ever left where you are? Think you’re teh idiot here

  12. @jtangalang A good amount of people call it soccer i am from Europe and we
    do call it football but who gives a crap they are different languages

  13. @TheRockybalburke they wont last long, I’m sure of it, Germany will destroy
    them. And if you weren’t 13 you wouldn’t play the whole “no I’m not, you
    are” bs. Your page says 19 well ok, your a pretty immature 19 year old. Get
    a life and stop trolling you fat, ugly brit, you’ll die a virgin. And don’t
    reply because I refuse to further entertain your stupidity and trolling

  14. @jtangalang Ur just a racist f@#$ing asshole. There call it soccer in more
    places in the world besides northamerica

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