25 thoughts on “World Cup South Africa 2010

  1. soccer is played all around the world….come see how we support the world cup in our office…lots of team are supported….;)

  2. pt1 merde la france zindane pk tes partie il ya plus de meneur de jeux maintenant

  3. look at the evil smile on the reff at 2.09 when handing out the red card!!!!

  4. @spidiwodorovic2 Spain is very very good and the most offensif european team but the european cup is totally different of the World Cup. Greece has won the european cup in 2004 and we know all that they can’t win the world cup. I think that Spain can win if they don’t play against Brazil or Argentina, two teams very offensif too. And all countries who won the world cup can win too.

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