US social networking giant Twitter has said that they will be looking to generate huge business during the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Speaking ahead of the tournament, the company’s head of revenue has said that the World Cup promises to provide a huge scope of business for the company even as the nation is still trying to complete the development work of infrastructure and the stadiums. Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, which has resulted in the huge penetration of Internet. Internet is now accessed by almost half of the country’s population.

Brazil has a population of close to 200 million and Twitter reckons that this could a huge market for the company in the next decade. The FIFA World Cup is not the only major tournament that is around the corner, but the 2016 Olympics will also be held in Brazil. Twitter’s global head of revenue, Bain has said that Brazil could be one of the important markets for the company in the next 10 years. The social networking site had a huge spike in traffic during the 2012 London Olympics, and it expects the visitors to be even greater during the World Cup.

The company has made more than $600 million in advertising revenue in the current financial year.

“You think about the next 10 years in Brazil and it is really going to be amazing from a business perspective. Brazil is the largest opportunity we see in Latin America and frankly across all of the other markets. That’s why we are here building and we will continue to invest in this market in a big way. Some of our most strategic deals that we have signed with marketers, which are global deals that we have signed over multiple years,” said Bain.