Collins Asks Reconsideration Of World Cup 2018 Corruption Investigation

British MP Mr. Damian Collins has reportedly nudged for a reconsideration of Serious Fraud Office’s decision on not to take up investigation on the FIFA corruption allegations – during bidding procedure of 2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cups.

Russia has achieved the winning bid of hosting 2018 World while Qatar has earned the right to host World Cup 2022; in spite of intense scrutiny followed during the voting procedure.

Conservative MP Collins has asked for a thorough investigation post press reports in US that Blazer (Chuck)-a FIFA official between 1996 & 2013- had recorded some conversations with the football officers at 2012 London Olympics post being deployed by FBI.

“If there’s proof that Blazer had meets during London Olympics 2012 that should come under SFO’s jurisdiction”, remarked Collins which declaring a need for reconsideration on the investigation. I wish to see whether they would be ready to act now.”

The SFO body can investigate the “cases that undermine UK’s financial or commercial PLC as a whole and particularly the London City.”

FIFA has refused to offer any comment regarding allegations concerning Chuck Blazer while contacted by the media. The governing body of world football has received severe criticisms following the FIFA boss Blatter’s statement that Michael Garcia’s (ethics investigator of FIFA) report regarding alleged vote corruption won’t be disclosed in public.

The very report has been handed over and is under the custody of Hans-Joachim Eckert, the ethics judge of FIFA. He is about to scan out the findings.

FIFA have been really apologetic to Ukraine post its official launch of 2018 World logo that showed the very controversial Crimean peninsula on the Russia map. The current situation seems critical for the governing body of world football, which has been further fueled by Collins’ demands.