25 thoughts on “SPECIAL1 TV (S2 EP22) The Boy Rooney Banned.

  1. @kooora18
    no, sorry i was just being a little bit sarcastic. ^^
    I’m actually an Arsenal fan and can’t hide the disappointment of how our season has turned in the last 2 months.

  2. @kooora18
    i wrote that a month ago 😉
    And since Wenger came on this show, Arsenal has bottled the league and only managed to beat the mighty Blackpool and as you mentioned Man Utd.

  3. thank you so much for uploading these episodes over the past few years, here in australia i can’t watch these on tv 🙁 they don’t show them over here i don’t think, keep up the great work and in my opinion each episode is very very funny

  4. Keep up the good work guys, quality production and very good script. I enjoy this !
    This is really funny.

  5. Best remark when Jose talks to crouchy before the game telling him how his defensive play is often overlooked…
    Also it’s awesome to hear the back n forth between Harry and Jose…always classic

  6. @hassanmahm00d You are intitled to your opinion, even if you are compleatly wrong & in a very small minority.
    You cant expect a top 15 episode every week but even a poor week for this show is STILL better than any other topical comedy.
    If you want to use words such as shoddy then at least qualify it, I see nothing in the least shoddy in this shows production compared with any other production.

  7. the last few weeks have been shoddy quality and ridiculously boring.

    – an avid special 1 tv fan from the very beginning.

  8. Oh that comment was brilliant “…much better than the 50 million Chelsea paid for theirs.” That was indeed a master piece.

  9. Voyeur is boreing imo, much more fun when Jose was makeing fun of him over the phone. Bring back sven ffs.

  10. Great as always.
    One constructive critic I think the voyeur character is not working…
    José, be a Champion. Again lol

  11. @noonthaboi
    Hopefully not, then that would mean that I contributed to Arsenal finally winning 😀

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