25 thoughts on “South Africa World cup 2010 [HD] official anthem

  1. They never give the keepers any credit in these videos!!! CMON!! What about all the great saves! WHERE ARE THEY???

  2. @gilollme wow no dip it’s not american i was saying that americans need to do better this amzing song so please don’t al of a sudden think i’m prejudous please

  3. the zidane moment was one so promoting of peaceful cooperation through football 😉

  4. Best goals compilation>>>> watch?v=dixDh4uBzko&feature=channel_video_title

  5. HEY retard you forgot to put south africa world cup 2010 AND 2006 high quality video on your description dumbass!

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  7. @BUTTRUB88

    this isnt american music u retard. and guess what. just because there is music you dont like doesnt make it american

  8. 0:21 was my favorite part with the sexy brazilian chick ;D thumbs up if you agree

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