25 thoughts on “South Africa vs France – June 2010

  1. Congrats to the Springboks who played much much better rugby than the last
    time we played them. The better team won. I hope the next time France plays
    against South Africa, it’ll be more of a challenge.

  2. @FrenchFlair15 FrenchFlair15. You show great sportsmanship, from now on i
    will support france agains any other team than the Boks

  3. 74 minute= just a gag! This action summarizes the match of the french! And
    the second french try? Andreu’s try?

  4. finally we have taken our revenge of that horrible anthem the stoned rasta
    performed the frogs got raped big time.

  5. There were signs outside warning they would be discarded… This match was
    during SA2010 FIFA World Cup too. We come home for that, but enjoyed this
    match too. SA owned France in both the rugby and soccer.

  6. French seemed to be in holidays in South Africa in june. They took exactly
    the same lesson in Argentina one week later. Some players admitted they did
    not have enough motivatiion to fight. This match proved the Bocks are very
    strong, often impressive in their collective organisation and also
    mentally. But there was no real conclusion to draw for the french team.

  7. South africans play a very hard Rugby, in which takles are ruder than in
    Northern emisphere and,generally, athletic preparation is made with
    incredible accuracy

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