31 thoughts on “South Africa 2010 World Cup Host Cities Part 1

  1. @amasonga Why did you call me a racist? I just stated FACTS. I did not state an opinion on anything. Why are you saying that I lose? Your comments don’t even make any sense. You’re an idiot.

    Because people like me warned the tourists about the dangers, the tourists avoided traveling alone, avoided the non-tourist areas where there isn’t security, and avoided dark areas.

  2. @TranCendenZ You must be just be a hater of South Africans. Sorry this is one of the best world cup games I’ve ever been to! Very few really bad incidents happened. This is one of the most beautiful country in the country on the planet. Sorry mr racist, you lose!!

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  5. CUM ON ENGERLAND!, BRING ON GERMANY NEXT THEN ARGENTINA and all sing “I’m in love with Defoe-wallah, I’m in love with Defoe-wallah”

  6. Watch : Arriba Arriba Holanda , Hup Holland Hup , Go Holland Go, Arriba Arriba Holanda.

    Hollanda Kampioeneeeee

  7. Watch : Arriba Arriba Holanda , Hup Holland Hup , Go Holland Go, Arriba Arriba Holanda.

    Holland Kampioeneeeeeee

  8. @TranCendenZ Good for you. WC been going for 4 days now and not a single mentionable incedent. 🙂

  9. why is my Holy Sacred Immaculate Motherland Scotland never a qualifier?? One day some dynamo from Lochiel will kick the team onto the world field! and all will see Scotland send that ball burning through a thousand nets!! Aye! 😀

  10. This video is so amazing. Dominican Republic says CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!. South Africa and all the World.


  12. Beautiful video. It will be a great World Cup. Beautiful cities, great stadiums and I’m happy the African continent get to host the FIFA 2010.

  13. @KhyberBoy09 if you’d looked when he/she posted the comment, you’d see that it may have been 65 days…so easy on the ‘stupid’, yeah?

  14. @DaSlug32 I don’t even need to find any more information to disqualify that statement because it disqualifies itself. the Sunday Times on Saturday?????

  15. Stay at home and watch the World Cup on TV.

    According to the Medical Research Council in June 2009, 25% of South African males have raped at least once. 33% of females have been raped. S. Africa has the highest incidences of child and baby rape. Many S. Africans believe that they can get rid of the AIDS virus by raping virgins.

    S. Africa has the 2nd highest murder rates in the world, and they have highest rates of rape. Murder, rape, robberies, and carjackings happen frequently to tourists.

  16. Jittery foreign visitors, who include diplomats, celebrities and wealthy businessmen are scrambling to secure personal bodyguards for the World Cup spectacle, the Sunday Times reported on Saturday.
    20 000 murders a year, they are wise to do so.

  17. I know of one…USA.

    They elected George Bush for the second running in office after he attacked Afghanistan and Iraq for the allerged ‘Weapons of Mass Distruction’ that were never found.

    By the way…what does Zuma have to do with he world cup. You cleary sound like those so called South Africans who think their own country doesnt deserve to host the world cup. Sies!!

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