25 thoughts on “South Africa 2010: World Cup Group D

  1. @bowzer344 Australia drew with Ghana 1-1 and beat Serbia 2-1 you dimwit get your facts right

  2. Fuck original inhabitant of australia aboriginal indigenous people language cultural of australia at fact of soccer it at wtf australia indigenous aboriginal love of custom tradition soccer go at answer

  3. Before the World cup started this is what I preddicted:


    Germany 3:1 Australia
    Serbia 0:3 Ghana
    Germany 0:0 Serbia
    Ghana 1:0 Australia
    Germany 2:1 Ghana
    Serbia 1:0 Australia

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  5. @SugarTomAppleRoger it is said germans play the most beautiful football and you can clearly see it in germany 4-0 argentina.. germany 4-0 australia.. germany 4-1 england.. there’s no doubt, they’ve played the best football ever seen in a world cup and they deserve the fourth star… live Germany

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  7. @ivke89car wow you checked my profile great detective skills
    Nauru’s my birthplace, I live in Australia
    maybe if u read my comment properly u might have noticed the tinge of sarcasm
    but maybe I should have ran it through u first for permission master of football information
    and an infant in Nauru would have more intelligence than you


  8. The Italians knocked out Australia through cheating last time in 2006. The Germans wrote the book on cheating though. They have perfected diving displays right down to the body twitching. Germans – just a bunch of cheats.

  9. @EasyCompanyAirborne
    wennst keine ahnung hast einfach mal die fresse halten means in english you shouldn´t talk about something you don´t understand….

  10. @EasyCompanyAirborne one thing i can say to you is: wennst keine ahnung hast einfach mal die fresse halten. The only reason ´why we are known as cheaters is because in wc´s italy and germany always reach the finals and the others(often the british…)cry round and search for reasons why they always have to loose.But I agree that Brazil is a better team than Germany and I really enjoyed watching the usa team in the confed cup it´s a good team but not on the same lvl as germany,brazil or spain…

  11. @MrPete1231 Yes. Americans do play baseball. There is a passing interest in soccer also. One thing Americans know about. Germans cheat. Look at the game against Australia and all the diving displays. The final you won against Argentina was a disgrace. Klinsman dived and he was nowhere the Argentinian player. You guys are known as cheats along with the Italians. I guess you will win the World Cup, but we all know Brazil and the USA are better teams as they don’t have to cheat.

  12. I see you know nothing about German football history..klinsman? main icon…..lol and yes we paid every reff and oh i forgot that the ball is the reason…we paid adidas money so that with this ball only the Germans are able to score yes we will beat england because they are so scared they are now searching for reasons why Germany won..They should care more about theirselfs and stop crying around and belief me one thing i give a damn about the opinion of americans in football go play baseball…

  13. @ibata1979 I want to see the Germans beat England. But the Germans are a bunch of cheats unfortunately. Their main icon Klinsman was a disgrace. The Germans are the only team that cheats more than the Italians, and that is saying something.

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