26 thoughts on “South Africa 2010: Township justice

  1. The black guy walking with Chris Cummins is a Zimbabwean, not a South African. His English accent is that of Zimbabwe and you tell me how South Africans cannot be angry at Zimbabweans who are taking our jobs and claim to know better of our history. This Zimbwabwean black guy should be ashamed of himself to tell our history while he is not part of it.

  2. We felt bad for Apartheid & allowed ourselves to become the oppressed now for 17 years, while they murder 1000s of us every year, take all jobs (reverse Apartheid), Get houses built 4 over our brothers the Coloureds in the Western Cape and as we live as squatters. The Western Cape was NEVER their land, we’ll live happily with the Coloureds, they must get OUT of the Coloureds and OUR land, end BLACK NATIONALISM – VOTE FOR CAPE SEPARATION ww w . capeparty .c om

  3. If you look back into South Africas past you will see that the Boers always asked to have am area where they can rule and run their own affairs without being subjigated or controlled by another race or culture. They have repetedly asked for this. The British forced them and all the black cultures together into modern day South Africa, a rich melting pot of cultures as you Europeans like to say. It only brought conflict missery and cultural extinction for all the different cultures.

  4. @sten971 Okay, so what are your ideas for solutions to the South African issues. What do you think will solve it all, and i mean realistically and in our life time. No pipe line dream talk now of the impossible but of real possible solutions in your conservative mind that will get the economy going and people walking safely around in South Africa.

  5. ok.. just let me get this.. these are black thugs committing these crimes?
    And this country now is ruled by a black government? oh thats right.. the present government TAUGHT these fantastic violent skills to kids as young as 7; they have now graduated and their ‘master degree’ qualifications are evident! Vote ANC! you will continue to see this type of society become rampant throughout SA!!!!
    Why hate the White man when its their black neighbours that they fear?!!

  6. Thank you for your constructive view on the topic, the world must have done something very wrong to you to hate the way you do. I am very sorry and hope you find happiness one day. Ignorance is bliss.

  7. @sshapewa shithole…hahaha – this shithole feeding you and your retarded monkeys.

  8. @AnselmoHorn78 why the fuck would i be in that freezing shithole?iam in africa fatherfucker

  9. @sshapewa black is defending himself when White man came for took his poverty, which black man steal from him.
    get out from Europe black, lazy jungle bunnies !

  10. @sten971 so when mexicans enetr farmers ranch and american crackers take guns and shoot them that is savage?its only savage when a blackman defends himself. Go fuck yourself,i wonder if you will allow some cracker criminal to rape your mom.will you just stand there and tell him calmly to stop?fuck off stupid moerskond.monufu yoye man!!!

  11. Typical leftist arse licking liberal. YOU need to understand this, the thugs and criminals are from the black community. Both the black criminals and the vigilantees are a bunch of savages. But of course this white liberal, will never condem a black man for this obvious savagery. So he is condoning it, once again the black man is responsible and accountable for nothing. His arse creeping of the blck man makes me want to vomit. Poor Black man always the victim

  12. Wow I specifically directed my comments at the white supremist …. why is your neck getting red unless you believe all whites are white supremist! Malcolm X once taught us that when you throw a rock at a pack of dogs, the only one that screams is the one that gots hit…… down scruffy !

  13. @bornjust2003 – White devils? Really? You’re yet another Black racist. Nice.

  14. The goal of the white supremist is to over emphasize the negative of Black life in Amerikkka and in Africa. I just came back from S.A. and was overwhelmed by its beauty in the predominantly Black commuinity that I stayed in. Dont believe the hype of the white supremist. Why because the devil (white supremist) is a liar! Black Power!!!!!!

  15. And bugger it… if you delete my last post it will not matter. Because at least I know that the perpetrator of such falsehood and such blasphemy has read my opinion of themselves.

    And frankly, I hope that there is a special place in hell, reserved just for you, for building a career out of lies.

  16. Wait! You went to the most inhumane township in the country and interviewed a fucking Nigerian to build your story?

    Are you stupid? Are you perhaps, retarded?

    No, wait, you’re ‘European’. Well done ‘Euronews’, you’ve captured nothing of the culture or society that is South Africa.

    I mock you, European fool. I mock you for leading your interviewee. You just, plain, suck as a journalist!

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  18. @RASyared i fail to see how a World Cup in South Africa proves the rest of Africa is equipped and capable of carrying out anything. Do you really think Sudan, Angola or Mali ,for example, are capable of hosting an international event as big as the World Cup?

  19. this is the truth these pomies may seem nice and kind some of them actualy alot of them are very kind but some of them are just sick

  20. @CallySaysRelax bull shit we gave pomies rights then they try to kill the whites and rape our women

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