Shearer Believes In Rooney

Former England and Newcastle United striker Alan Shearer has claimed that Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney should finally perform at his best in the upcoming World Cup 2014. Rooney is regarded as one of the best players at the international level, but he has often failed to deliver in the big stage. He has been either unfit for major tournaments or had it disrupted due to suspensions. The World Cup 2014 may be the first time Rooney goes into a competition in a good run of form. Due to the several injuries for Robin van Persie, the 28-year-old England international lead the line for United in the second half of the season.

Despite it becoming a very poor season for the club, Rooney redeemed himself with some excellent performances over the course of the season. There were doubts that he would miss the World Cup after sustaining a toe injury a few weeks ago. He also had to miss the final match of the Premier league season – against Southampton – due to hip injury. Despite this, United interim manager Ryan Giggs stated that he was confident Rooney will be fit for the World Cup.
Shearer says that Rooney needs to put in a good performance if England are to get past the quarter-finals.

“It’s a gap in the story of his career which he would like to fill. But he probably hasn’t yet gone to a World Cup in the best of fitness and you can’t argue with his record at international level overall. But he needs to go out and have a big tournament. If he does that, he will be the key to us having a successful World Cup. When Rooney plays well, England play well. I’m a Rooney fan. He ticks all the boxes as a player,” Shearer told reporters.