25 thoughts on “Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie (SouthAfricaWorldCup,1080p)

  1. Du bist sehr schön ich wurde gerh so wie du sein ich hofe das du so weiter machst. Ich bin raylla ein großer fan von dir.ich wünche dir glück

  2. So proud of you! Thank you for your time and energy, you’re making my day very beautiful with your wonderful music, I can’t stop dancing!

  3. You’re making life so beautiful by sharing your amazing work! You have great talent, I admire you! You’re very creative! Congratulations to your great success!

  4. You’re very talented and so wonderful! Thank you for brighten my day with your wonderful music and I adore your video!

  5. Amazing video, Shakira is great! I danced in class to this song, I love it, always makes me feel so happy! Let’s dance!

  6. MERVEILLEUSE , SUBLIME ,GENIALE ,MAGNIFIQUE …….. encore plins d’otre chose

    i love you shakira 

  7. замечательный и не обычный голос!!блин завораживает!!

  8. Shakira is the legend that bridges continents with here Arabic-European-African music style.

  9. VOTAD POR SHAKIRA A PRINCESA DEL POP, EL DUELO ES CON BRITNEY, VAMOS TENEMOS QUE GANAR PO-DE-MOS ARRIBA SHAKIRA¡¡¡ w.mtvla.com/batallas/princesasdelpop/ (poned al principio las dos ww y está el enlace completo) A VOTAR GOOOOOOOOOOOO

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