25 thoughts on “Sardine Run 2010 HD

  1. “i want to be a sardine!


    I’m not trying to be rude here, Sarah. But if that’s your wish, then I want to eat you.

  2. Thanks, It was a Bryde’s whale. Sorry only to reply now, did not see your question:-)

  3. Hey! im high school student and i kinda of wanna be a marine biologist! do you know what kind of courses i should take in uni?? thanks!

  4. but these gannets swim with their flippers. other gannets i’ve seen swim with their wings. how’s that difference?

  5. This is as good or better than any “Blue Planet” video I have seen! Amazing! Thank you for posting this!

  6. I love that this is a single continuous shot and still contains all that action. Well done. Any idea what kind of whale that was? Gray perhaps?

  7. Movies like this should be projected on walls of large buildings in Chicago, Manhattan, etc, so people could be dumbfounded at the incredible beauty of this everyday occurrence in our magnificent oceans that we still treat as cesspools. The people in America need to immerse themselves in the reality of our ocean future. New antibiotics ,new. opportunities. Our very survival depends on proper maintenance of the ocean It is being raped before we can learn to love it or use its wonders.

  8. is there a version of this sans techno arrrrrrgggggg? otherwise, trippy farout buggin me out thank you for the hd it’s so much better than other sardine videos…i want to be a sardine!


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