25 thoughts on “Nike for FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

  1. suddenly i started smiling when ronaldinho got into the picture and beat the crap outta the defender

  2. You really can’t say any player is bad honestly,, I like Messi more than Ronaldo and it doesn’t mean Ronaldo isn’t a good futbal player. They have spent their whole life to futbal and trained nonstop to get there, think of all the shit they went through

  3. Soccer really is like a religion in most of the world and so truthfully, the accolades bestowed on most of the footballers in this commercial (assuming a successful World Cup campaign that didn’t happen) could conceivably have happened.

    Also, know why Kobe is featured in this commercial and not LeBron? Rings. (And because Kobe’s a known football admirer)

  4. @turkelafandiyev They are American players. In the part where he failed it was Donovan and Howard.

  5. I love how not one of these players made a single difference in the World Cup.

  6. Thumbs Up* If you searched “Ronaldinho Skills” on Youtube to see his stepovers. 😀

  7. Aren’t they Spanish fottballers? Why are they mad for Rooney’s success?

  8. One of the best spots ever made! I’m not even that big a futball (soccer) fan

  9. ïk_voél_me_ëëñzãâm_êñ_állêên_vãñdáåg_wíl_ìemäñd_met_mé_prâtëñ?

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