25 thoughts on “Miss Universe – South Africa

  1. Is it because we’re part of Africa – does this retarded global “Africa”
    perception override all else, purely by association, including being 1 of
    the top 13 industrial nations? It’s the exact opposite in Europe, where
    pissarse dumps ride the coattails of the “movers and shakers.” Should a
    country not be judged on merit, whether good or bad, rather than on the
    landmass it just happens to form a part of?

  2. so if you are from africa and you are white you should not be able to win?
    go fuck yourself you ignorant pric

  3. South Africa is one of the most diverse countries in sub Saharan Africa but
    Blacks are the majority by far 80% of the population are Black i think
    whites make up only 9% of the population but for some reason every year
    South Africa chooses a White or Mix woman to represent South Africa i think
    its such a disgrace of course i don’t mind seeing White and colored women
    represent their country But we should also see native Black South African
    women win more often they are the majority

  4. Therein lies the problem – people *don’t* think. Kind of ironic since the
    net is the number 1 source of resources in this so-called information age.
    Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re truly ignorant, trying to push
    buttons for reactions, or just plain intellectually challenged (manifested
    right up front, before they even say anything, by the mere fact that they
    say things without any facts or information whatsoever to back it up and
    seem to lack severely in any kind of reasoning abilities.)

  5. And her accent is an Afrikaner accent, she’s not an English South African,
    her first language is Afrikaans.

  6. @scorpioninpink why not? remember Miss Namibia who won Miss Universe? She’s
    white too.

  7. She is beautiful. and blacks need to wake up a lil bit, south africa isnt
    just black, you know….

  8. there is many european’s in south africa, there are as many european south
    african’s, as african american’s in the united states: =)

  9. @rockscorp i’m from south africa and we don’t live with the lions in the
    jungle you know. we happen to be civilised!

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