25 thoughts on “Germany vs Serbia in Lego- World Cup South Africa 2010 Legofussball

  1. Cool but for basically 100%of people to inderstand it shuld be english!

  2. STOP-ACTION LEGO!!! LMFAO!!! Please, PLEASE recreate the Ivory Coast fake
    injury that got Brazil’s Kaka thrown out!!! That would be absolutely
    hilarious!!! Can you recreate the schadenfreude on the IC players faces?!!!
    I’m happy I know at least ONE German word… If it helps; I’ve uploaded to
    FB, sent in emails and denoted as ‘liked’ from 3 different accts!!!

  3. My fave part is when the guy is walking off the field after he got a red
    card and hes still smiling… 0:44

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