FIFA trying to ensure no issues in 2018 WC

After being hit hard by the World Cup 2014, FIFA is ensuring that the upcoming World Cup 2018 does not face any issues with regard to stadium construction and other preparation work.

\Just as with Brazil, Russia will be undergoing massive development in order to accommodate the millions of tourists for expected to descend upon the country for the one month long festival of football. FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke has once again been involved in overseeing the work for the 2018 World Cup. He says that FIFA have been left extremely satisfied with the progress made by Russia.

The qualifying campaign for the World Cup is just about to start in several corners of the world. Even though it is yet to reach the mainstream regions like Europe and South America, FIFA is ensuring that there is no delay in the scheduled work for the 2018 World Cup. Russia recently admitted that they needed to tackle the racism issue in the country before hosting the World Cup. Stringent measures are expected to take place, through policing, in order to reduce the prevalence of racism in the country. Russia’s Sport Minister, Vitaly Mutko, says that the nation fully recognises the importance of this event and that they are ensuring organised work.

“We’re working very well together. We’re on track for all the preparations, not only for the 2018 World Cup but also for the 2017 Confederations Cup, which is a very important tournament.For all of us the next milestone is the (World Cup qualification) draw in this palace (Konstantinovsky), which will host an amazing event with 1500 people participating.It will be a great World Cup because we’re all working hard to do so,” saidValcke. “The World Cup is an event of great importance,” said Mutko in a press conference.