China has once again failed to qualify for a FIFA World Cup

When it comes to qualifying for a FIFA World Cup, China has historically struggled trying to accomplish this task as the last time that they managed to do it was back on 2002 and have ever since then not been able to secure their qualifying ticket.

For the 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup, the Chinese national side were pitted in group A of the AFC section where they had compete along the likes of: Qatar, Uzbekistan, Syria, South Korea and Iran.


In 10 qualifying matches, China could only collect 12 points which was not enough to snatch a spot in one of the coveted spots that would allow them to qualify and actually compete in the approaching 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The national sides that did indeed manage to secure the qualifying spots from this group were: Iran, South Korea and Syria.

Despite not being able to qualify, the head coach of the China national side Marcello Lippi has recently talked about his team and the improvement that they have been going through, from the looks of it, the Italian manager appears to be fairly optimistic of his team.

“There are no ‘what ifs’ in football. What we have witnessed is the improvement of the Chinese team, both in quality and points. You could tell from this match. When I took over we had almost no hope of qualifying at all but we fought until the end and I hope we keep improving so we can have a good result at the Asian Cup.” China’s Marcello Lippi said.

Marcello Lippi is one of the most experienced and successful managers that are still active as he is one of the few coaches to have lifted the FIFA World Cup back in 2006 and was also at the helm of an extremely dominant Juventus team during the 1990’s.

Hopefully with such a veteran manager, China might be able to qualify and reach the advanced stages of a FIFA World Cup.