Capello Is Credited In Spite Of A Dismal Performance By Russia

It is certainly a boon for Capello to have been rescued by the Russians and does not have to face the axe. Before the second round itself the Russians were unable to qualify despite being placed in an easy group. So they were back at home without even a win. The dismal performance should have been tough on Capello but he was not sacked.

Sports Minister Russia Vitaly Mutko does not believe that sacking of Capello would bring any solution to the team as his ability cannot be matched with any other. He believes that he is a super level coach and there has been criticism from all quarters to hire a junior coach but Mutko does not believe in experimenting and rather would stick to his decision of keeping Capello. According to him Russia being able to qualify in 12 years in the finals of World Cup speaks great deal about Capello.

At the same time he does not evade from the team’s performance in Brazil and hoped that they would have performed better but there is always a next time. The chief of RFU Nikolai Tolstykh was also against the idea of sacking Capello. Capello has done a lot for the Russian football and his immense perseverance will continue. It is sheer technical skill that needs to be improved by the players. There is no grudge regarding the coach or their team.

The striker of Russia Alexander Kokorin also seconded the opinion and said that the entire responsibility of failure should not be put on Capello as he along with his teammates were equally responsible. Capello will be the coach till 2018 which will see Russia hosting the World Cup and he is the highest paid coach who has signed a new contract with RFU. Even he wants to stay as long as his team does.