24 thoughts on “Argentina vs. Germany World Cup Match (Simulated with Fifa 2010 South Africa)

  1. Germany and Argentina played each other´╗┐ and americans were commentating …

  2. will you fucking shut your trap don’t bring nationality into this it’s a FUCKING YOUTUBE´╗┐ VIDEO

  3. lol´╗┐ i present to you American Commentary xD id watch way more sports if it was as fun as that!

  4. you are retarded “soccer” was called football long before grid iron football was even invented dipshit.´╗┐

  5. then how the fuck was i able to reply if i “couldn’t read?”.´╗┐ well anyways,fuck you americans,always trying to change other people’s beloved customs.

  6. I know, that’s what I said. Football is the pigskin game. Can you not read? Faggot.´╗┐

  7. No fucking cunt in 80% of the countries there way of saying soccer translates to football. Go on google´╗┐ and search football you will get more pictures and web sites of soccer than your egg ball (American football)

  8. Obviously an American´╗┐ wants retarded Americans to commentate football. These guys disgrace football, not make it better.

  9. i read somewhere (not sure how liable it´╗┐ is) that its actually the brits who invented the term “soccer” as nickname for Association Football. the aussies call it soccer too cause they have aussie rules football. cool commentary. i hope they would´╗┐ comment on mls or uefa games. ­čśÇ

  10. Hahaha y’alls commentary was great. But it’s pronounced Close-uh.´╗┐

  11. That is true but Americans should not call it football because here it’s called soccer. It needs to be called that here in America. And hand-egg is an awful name for´╗┐ a sport, it sounds like a kids game..

  12. It’s football, WHY? cause there’s a BALL and people hit´╗┐ it with their FEET or FOOT, hence Football, the American “Football” has more hands to that ball than feet, it should be called handball or hand-egg, cause the ball isn’t even a ball, it’s more like an egg.

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