25 thoughts on “All Blacks 2010 Highlights

  1. @carrally13 Yes mate, slowly´╗┐ working on one since the beginning of the RWC.´╗┐

  2. I love how they don’t´╗┐ try to take the glory for themself, if they know they’re going down, they pass it… Kids in PE class should learn something from this concept… You have a TEAM!!! xD haha

  3. @xe4743 its called virtual 3D photos.You’ll need photoshop and´╗┐ after effects to do it.

  4. @thunderthumbs83 When a prop score´╗┐ a try, they say he just fell on the right spot!

  5. I’m Portuguese and my enthusiasm with this team, they are hard, are one body and are´╗┐ the perfect union of strength and will!

  6. @antipodean0 yea´╗┐ but i thought this was all blacks highlights…. algood mean video.

  7. all blacks were founded in 1903 and it says the all blacks´╗┐ has been around since 1884??

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