25 thoughts on “Akon – Oh Africa

  1. A lot of people need to remember hosting the world cup was a big thing to
    happen for South Africa. The most violent and at one time diverse country
    in the continent did what many thought was impossible. They hosted the
    World Cup which is the biggest sporting event in the world and we can thank
    the stars that Mandela lived to see it before he died. For a country as
    poor as South Africa to host such an event was a dream for them come true

  2. Now come on Akon, a song about Africa and you got a bleached Black chick
    with blue contacts? smh. Do you not know people in Africa are Black,
    Blue or Purple Black sir, not bleached Black chicks who want to be
    white? smh. 

  3. Fucking promotion..This song has a meaning against racism, waka waka is all
    about jumping like a monkey..and wtf it almost has 1billion views.. This
    should be the official song for World cup in Africa..so unfair…!!

  4. i ave never been to Africa but i feel like i have been there before! i am
    going to go one day!

  5. right! but they have to understand that, instade of writing bad comment &
    negative image over the africans, coze No one was born hating another
    person because of his color skin or his background,,,,HEY man AM black too
    but i feel HUMANITY at all.!!!!!!!

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