25 thoughts on “2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Review

  1. wat are u trying to say by “despite its unattractive name” … south africa hosted a brilliant world cup… one of the bests so stfu ignentertainment

  2. why can’t they just leave football titles to ign uk to review… i can’t go on watching this after hearing the word ‘soccer’ right off the bat…

  3. @haywoodbadman10 I have my favourite songs on the soundtrack like drumming song, warm heart of africa, wavin flag, strong will continue and i love you, (the song, i don’t acctully love you).

  4. fifa 11 was such a step down from this game, but thats because ea had to make 2 games in a short time, and the world cup was priority, so i expect that fifa 12 should be amazing, as its the only fifa game thier working on

  5. Hey look please help me, when i start captain your country, i choose create my own player then i export it and then when i won the cup then i add the trained version of it to my offline games, then when i make another new own player, and win the last match and press yes when they ask if i wanted to add my player to offline game modes then all my own created players are deleted

  6. @Pintoleite3 The United States wants to have everything different from England to show our Independence.

  7. @DanielAstonVillaRush i checked the internet, and they don’t say that. and celsius is so much better than farenheit: 0ยบC is where water turns to ice and 100ยบC is where water turns to vapor, its so much simpler

  8. @Cybernum2 u play sucker lol
    last time i check australia change the name from sucker/soccer to FOOTBALL y cause they know the word sucker/soccer sounds dumb stupid btw it’s FOOTBALL not soccer/sucker!!!!!!!!!

  9. @Pintoleite3 right… where to begin?
    centimetres were created after inches, celcius and fahrenheit were created at the same time, galleons are, again, an older measurement than litres. You see, everything used to be inches, galleons, feet yards and that sort of thing, but now there have been centimetres, millimetres and even micrometres. I ‘m english and agree that Americans are fat, egotistic, lazy fucktarded hillbillies, dont get me wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ but get your facts straight next time.

  10. @Cybernum2 damn americans trying to change everything! couldn’t you just leave the fucking name as it was and give another name for american football, couldn’t you just leave the celsius and not create farenheit? or couldn’t you leave the centimetres as they were and not create inches? couldn’t you leave litres as they were and not create gallons??? fuck you man, seriously, d0b3rmn isn’t a “dumb ignorant idiot”, americans just think they’re the best, don’t you agree with what i say?

  11. @d0b3rmn you are a dumb ignorant idiot soccer is an acceptable name in countries such as australia , usa south africa and many more btw i dont play football i play soccer

  12. FIFA stands for football is fucking akward naaahh just kidding football is fun! and yes i play it!

  13. @xxxWeezy619xxx fuck pual he gave away all the games ๐Ÿ™ he ruined the world cup we need to wait another 4 years 3 now but still

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