25 thoughts on “2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa “New Skills” Tutorial

  1. @phanuphong1000 hey did u make sure that u doble fick it up like this : flick it down then flickit up then put it in middleseccion then up. put u have to do it fast click on my channel ima make a video of it its going to be blury put ull get it in no time!

  2. how to make that skills at 0:21 cuz every i do and it always hit the back of that player

  3. In the Main menu select:

    My 2010 Fifa World Cup
    EA Extras
    Unlockable code entry
    Enter code:


    this will get you the adidas U11 team

  4. Guys, it’s the same damn buttons, only difference on Xbox 360 are the names and icons.

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