25 thoughts on “2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa – Game Introductions

  1. @pipemaster98 Just compare this & PES, Pes is much better.. passes, controll & all copmonents

  2. Does anyone know if the server on this game is down or not because EA usually shuts down its server permanently after 2 years. I am asking so that I might this game and play online.

  3. I know people say 236 people don’t have a life for thumbs up, but really those 236 people who dislike this video really don’t have a life!

    If you really are struggling in Ultimate Team and need help with your team,
    here’s a little trick, email EA Support, fifasupportteam@live.com
    and tell them you had however many coins taken from you,
    they don’t check this and just compensate you of your ‘loss’

    don’t try it too regularly though as they’ll easily catch on,
    just thought id help and share that:)

  5. a jogabilidade do fifa e bem melhor do que o wining eleven
    mas uma coisa deixa a desejar sao as faces do caras

  6. ea world cup 2002’s graphic is better then this, to proof check this out : “EA FIFA world cup 2002 gameplay part 1”

  7. nha k vemos nada ver a alguiien solo hacer 3 paces nha sepa grabar mas bn vea metin2 001 el cegundo de la pag principal

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