19 thoughts on “17 July 2010 – NZ v South Africa – Highlights

  1. awesome for the upload mate nothing better than seeing the boys win whilst
    in another country top stuff.

  2. lol on the 74th minute and 21 points behind Morne Steyn still considers a
    drop goal for a split second!lol

  3. @neddycgoon Well actually It should of been a bigger scoreline because Dan
    Carter had an off night with the boot and NZ wasn’t as clinical as the
    previous week. Also NZ had to be good enough to capitalize on the yellow, I
    mean It’s only 10 mins & it was at the start of the game so it’s not like
    SA defense going to be fatigued. SA didn’t concede a try when they were
    down to 14 against Australia.

  4. @transtasmannetball ,usually we dominate the tri nations as well.This time
    we have fresh blodd added to the new.I think this team is building.They
    haven’t reached their potential yet.The Springboks will be as powerful as
    ever.I love the fact that we have these extremely proud and excellent
    opponents.I respect their passion.The All Blacks to me are like Brazil if
    we didn’t have them the rugby world would be boring.Go Black!

  5. Its good to see the veterans in the All blacks with such stamina and
    strength, the back lines mauls are really improved. SA need to stop killing
    the ball with the continuous style.. looking at the number 1 prop in SA in
    the Australian game, he was stuffed at half time. Fitness is the new key to

  6. the all blacks are baaaack bitches. all whites were unbeaten. ab’s 11- 0.
    nz is a sporting nation.

  7. Really, really appreciate the upload fellow AB lover!! Very interesting
    that the SA’s havent ajusted to the new rules, interesting!! Big thanks to
    the Coaching staff, ABs and most importantly the REF 4 keeping up with the
    play, WOW that is some pace tho. I check ya out on the 31st July…..

  8. For once do not see any South Africans giving it the gob. Really nice that
    NZL have finally shown SA who the No1 team are. I have had like many Kiwi’s
    nothing but arrogant BS gob from SA for ages now, especially since last
    year, so really well done AB’s very proud always have been proud of you
    even if you lose you will always be No1 to me.

  9. The Boks were diabolical, the tries the All blacks scored came from really
    sloppy play. the refereeing in both these tests was questionable as well.
    the defence that lead to Daggs try was shocking as well the Boks will
    really have to pull their socks up some of the stuff they are doing is
    dreadful. playing players out of position doesnt help either

  10. its speed during the break down,,,the second wave thats what the blacks get
    the work on for them,,,very hard to defend when the second wave comes in
    such speed like that more like league.

  11. @ilaivunibola I agree. ABs have been really awesome this year using the
    second wave/decoy runners. Thats also part of Cantebury’s main weapon of
    attack. If u watch the NZ vs Aus game, it took Aus 20mins to score. When
    the ABs hit their 22, it took them less than 7mins for them to score.and
    that is just stretching the defense wide and keeping them guessing. its
    really hard to play against a team that uses their brains.lol.

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